Friday, October 9, 2009

A few things

Here are a few things that i bet you don't know (or maybe you do- i don't make the rules :P)

1. chinese etc. are yellow
- africans and so on are black
- english and americans etc. are white
- indians etc. are brown

2. twilight isn't that good!!!
i want you to read a really really really good book (city of bones, vampire acd. etc. digital fotress etc.)
and then re-read twilight...notice something
the story line is basic and the writing isn't that good
i like twilight, and was one of the people to read it before the huge "craze" but now that i look back
i swear, its total over-kill

3. robert patterson isn't that cute!!!
- robert patterson and kristen stewet (spelt wrong) shouldn't take lead roles, your GOOD when your second- and thats saying something!!!

4. although i'm not crazy about robert patt. i will have to say i'm sorry for him.
he can't even show his face in public without being chased by either the papparizzi or wild, crazed teenagers
like come on. Imagine a whole group of, loud mouth, screaming, running, arms flying, crazy teenagers come running after you!!!
i would be like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

5. i was told once ages ago that every boy had to own at least one pink shirt
god knows why, and i still don't know if it is still law
but ya never know
but come on... is it that if you don't own one you gay and if you own to many your gay???
how does that work???

6. what has the world come to when your sister has to spend 5 HOURS at a swimming club watching her sister swim!!!
now thats just sad!!!

7. apparently god is dead ( yes yes- my friends watch supernatural)

8. the causes of war:
90%: religion- funny how the main reason for peace is the one that breaks it
6%: the wanting of running out natural sources- water, coal etc.
4%: trivil things- you'll be surprised

9. imgine being a translater between two countries that you hate:

me and my friend choose america vs. china (we like china's art work, imgination, music, clothes, style etc.- but come on the government anyone? the smug? the killing? the war?)

anyway, this is kinda what we imgined to happen

america: so we have come here to put an end to this war
us (in chinese): sucked in idiot, we're winning this war!!
china: how dare you, take that back!
us: you son of a bitch, how dare you
america: i'm sorry, but isn't this for the best, its fun and all but think of the people- where already far in debt
us (chinese): never!!! now, take those ugly shoes your wearing out of my office and go back to your doomed country
china: how dare you insult my SHOES! thats it we declare war with you!!! and although i have called my troups, i will send them to your country by the thousand!!!
us: stuff your people, we asians are already taking over the world, you americans just don't know how to stop breeding. you flithy things. I SPIT ON YOU!
america: thats it, who cares about debt, we going to kick your ass- stuff the people

ok, thats random

10. puberty sucks!
(but i guess you already know that

sorry if i offended anyone

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