Saturday, October 3, 2009

the really do care!!!

i was off in Logan one night, a dinner party celebrating the daughter of one of my father's friends, and my mum had just got a new car.
Knowing that because the car parks were so small there was a good chance someone was going to hit us my mum made my dad park over the line of two car parks... thank god the car park was quite empty, with heaps of free parks.
But anyway, after the nice dinner at a diner with a awesome name, we came back to find someone had written us a note.
It read as the below...

'heart' a concern citizen...

we found this highly amusing, and, although the person did not know the full story behind our outrageous parking, i found it very interesting that a random person off the street took the time to express their opinions to us... not many people do that now a days.

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