Friday, September 25, 2009

what has the world come to...

a few things you should know...

1. dolphins are smarter then you no matter what you think (if you think that is) and one day they will leave this earth when it is about to end saying they tried to warn us but now they are leaving, singing a merry tune that goes, 'so long, so long, so long and thanks for the fish!'

2. if you are about to loose your life think back on how good your life has been and how you regret nothing but if this is not the case, which it is more likely, and life has been cold and mean to you, think about how lucky you are that you don't have to saw a second longer on this horrible land!

3. the worst poetry ever written was on this earth

4. love- avoid at all costs (but i doubt many people follow that warning)

5. never forget your towel!!!

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