Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crapsies is the new word!!!

(chip) Ok on the way back from piano my mum started to tell me about something she was listening to on the radio about snakes as pet. And seeming one of my best friends has a snake I was like, really?
What was it about?

The first caller:
‘me and my husband woke up one morning to find our pet snake wrapped around one of our bed poles, staring at us up and down and we thought this was wired so we took it to the zoo.
The vet told us to get rid of the snake as soon as we could…
He was (the snake) was sizing us up to eat!’

The second caller:
‘we found our snake sleeping next to our baby and at first we thought it was cute but then we started having doubts so we took to it to the zoo… the vet told us get rid of the snake quick, it was seeing if the baby would fit!!!’

So, by now I’m staring at my mother shocked!

I was like

Me: squeezie (friend’s pet snake) would never do that…!
Mum: honey, he would probably be looking at ‘beep’(friends name) and going crapsies…!

Lol, squeezie is very young and soooo small!!! CUTIE! XD

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