Sunday, September 20, 2009

jesus was way cool/a religion of my ownXD

Another thing I came up with my friend when I told her about the above…

Ok, you never know, Jesus might just be someone who was extremely awesome (just like me) in his time. And, some random people were like, ‘OH MY DONKEY!’ your sooo awesome! I’m going to like totally worship you.

So they did.

Then they asked who his father was, and he was like… well, my mother is a cheating bi-arch (see above) and my father is too much in love to notice. What’s a cool name I can make up… I know! Seeming my mother had an affair with three people; godric, oliver and david… why don’t i call him ‘god’.

And so God was created.

Then the awesome dude named Jesus got some really cool friends and he was like. Hmmm… you are my besites. Let’s give you guys an awesome name… then he was like dammm… in the future some really awesome-more-awesome-them-me-girl-who-calls-her-self-a-chipmunk (moi) has already taken ‘awesome chums’… hmm… I guess apostles will do.

And so the apostles were born.

Then, after quite awhile, Jesus got lots and lots of followers who followed him because he was pure awesome (like me) and he followed his mother’s cover-up story about the star and all and was like, shit, I could make a fortune out of this.

And so he did.

Then a quite a few years later... again… some bastards found out about his scam and got jealous about how awesome he was so they killed him…
Then he rose from the dead, did a little dance and went to heaven… like, that’s totally ‘way cool’
… The end


Pretty funny hey… ok ok ok, I’m sorry if I really offended people..
But remember, atheist!!!

I wonder if one day they will make a religion about me?
‘in the name of mother and the daughter and everything awesome…peace!’

I think it will work :P

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