Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's all a cover up! (1st post)

Heyy guys, this is our first post and we thought we will go straight to the max with one of the most debated topics around- religion!
Not only does this religion take more lives than cancer, its also hypacritical and totally bull!
Please don't read the below if you will be offend, we repect the beliefs and values of those who believe in God or any other religion- its just the pure fact that some random bogan is sitting on comfy, fluffy coulds in paradise watching our world spiral into darkness and madness! No offence or anything!

Ok, we got this from my friend who got it from her friend (in Pommy land).
This is what basically happened (well, how we imagined it-most likely not though)

Friend: MS! MS! MS!
RE Teacher: yes?
F: I finally figured it out!
RE T: what did you figure out?
F: don’t you see, it’s all a cover up story…!
RE T: … what …?
F: its sooooooo obvious… Mary was TOTALLY cheating on Joseph
RE T: (stares at the girl as if she thinks she’s crazy)
F: Mary made all this bullshit up to cover her cheating because she didn’t want to tell Joseph how she got knocked up by some other bastard… don’t you see Ms? It’s so obvious!
The star, god, being a virgin… it’s a whole lot of bull!!!
RE T: (wondering how badly she failed the child)

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