Thursday, September 24, 2009

A whole lot of bull

When will the world wake up and see that their whole life is a lie. We live in a world of of lies to sell and make money, to make us believe that we are safe, that the world will always be kind to us. We believe that war is a thing of the past, that right now we are only dealing with small battles, but does it make a difference that they aren't happing on our frontdoor step? People, Australians, are still dying out there in places that are so un-like how we live that its not funny. But why don't we see this sort of stuff on the news? Why don't we see the worlds true colours? Why?
But even though some of the countries right now like Australia are yet to have war on their shores we also have to face the fact that we are running out of natural resources such as water and it is predicted by the UN that by 2025 two thirds of the world will be under major stress conditions for water, and that peaceful arrguments will become violent outbreaks. Already places such as Canada are thinking about- or they have already done- putting a price on water. How can we put a price on something like the air we breathe?
Another problem is religion- i don't get it!
Why is the wanting of peace, of loving each others neighbours, of mother earth, the main source of bloody war that causes the loss of so many lives a year when its main force is to save them?
i don't get it.
Another thought- love.
My friend doesn't believe in true love much to my annoyence but i kinda get where she is comming from. Is it because we live in a socity that is so mucked up? That its just another day when we hear of another scandel, of cheating, of another un-happy ending for the golden couple. Books and movies have us believe that the cute guy will look at us, the normal girls, not the girl with the barbie figure and blonde hair. i don't think thats true. I believe its just an illusion. We are to believe that there is someone out there, just for us. But is that true?
Maybe. I myself believe that one day i might be able to find someone, that perfect yet un-perfect soul mate. But i have also come to terms that its an illusion, that i'm just like every other girl who believes the same thing. The thing that EVERYONE believes whether they like it or not.

Anyway, don't take what i'm saying seriously. Theres a good chance that what i have said is bull. That i'm just another teenager ranting and raving on about how crap life is, that i'm yet to see the world as an adult... but maybe thats what older people want us to think.
We have seen were it got gen. Y

but remember something- TV: aka. a idiot box to sell. Thats all your going to get on it.

Anyway, have a great holiday

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